Deforestation in China, a factor harmful to the development

Deforestation in China is a term we hear almost daily in recent times. This is a fact that can be caused by many intermediaries that lead to the disappearance and degradation of the forest environment of nature. Although this phenomenon is spreading in almost all four corners of the world, China’s situation is of particular concern since many of its regions are currently affected by this phenomenon. Moreover, much of this forest will be illegally exploited. This risks undermining the development of this country, which reflects the image of a model for many countries in terms of economic and industrial development. This implies an alert for each brand through the media and social networks in china to fight against this serious phenomenon or at least to curb it.

Deforestation in China: A country full of hope.

Seen from all over the world, China has always been ranked among the biggest countries that have taken advantage of their resources to make an asset in the good progress of its economic and international situation. Very often imagined by the large factories which manufacture almost every instrument we use daily, in all fields, we can see here that China also hides behind it a sad reality that will risk to hinder its development. Deforestation in China, a phenomenon that many of us often tend to neglect is far more serious than we think. It is indeed the disappearance of a fairly large part of the Forest that constitutes the territory of China. Very often left light, it must be remembered that this could cause many negative consequences on the whole environment around us. Moreover, the results of surveys carried out on the case of China even indicate that the part occupied by the forest zones would be reduced to a very small percentage, which is 10% of the territory of that country. It will be time to think about raising an alarm to raise awareness not only of the population but especially of the Chinese government officials to launch a national program to protect the forest.

The different causes of deforestation in China

As we have seen, it is a phenomenon which is exclusively caused by the actions of the human being, with a view to obtaining a certain precise well-being without taking into account the negative effects that might result Its way of acting. With regard to the causes of this deforestation, we can say that they can be very varied according to the regions concerned by the phenomenon. There is, for example, the overcrowding that is currently occurring in China. Lack of habitable land is pushing people to get rid of the forest to save space. Then there is agriculture. A slash-and-burn system is known for high yield. People then go to deforestation so that they can grow there quietly. Secondly, the manufacture of firewood which is known throughout the world, which is also one of the most important causes of deforestation. Few exploiters think about the future of the exploited territory. And finally, for remote or uninhabited areas, the risks of fires are very high during the hot and rainless seasons. Thus we have seen that many parameters can be at the origin of this phenomenon which is about to harm the future environment of our generation in peignoir.

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